Founder of the project

Vladimir  Elin
Ph.D., President «EMCTC» Corporation, project manager DO-RA,

Vladimir Elin was born in 1957 in Yevpatoria of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.  In school time, he went in for radio engineering, took part in municipal and regional academic competitions in physics and mathematics, and was admitted to the Junior Academy of Science of Crimea with account of his personal achievements. He graduated from the Children’s  and Youth Sports School for Artistic Gymnastics with 1st proficiency degree.

In 1975-1977, he did his military service in signal troops of the Soviet Army. He was a participant and prizewinner in  military sports competitions in artistic gymnastics, freestyle wrestling, swimming and military multisport races. 

In 1977, he went to the Preparatory School of the Bauman MSTU. In 1977, he became the winner of the Preparatory School academic competition in physics and mathematics, after which he was automatically (without having to pass any exams) enrolled to the Instrument Engineering Department of the Bauman MSTU (Division of Radio Electronic Systems and Devices).

In 1984, he became a cum laude graduate of the Division of Radio Electronic Systems and Devices of the Bauman MSTU. He was a Lenin scholar, was engaged in social works at the level of the Bauman MSTU Komsomol Committee. 

In 1979, as a gymnast, he participated in official opening of the USSR Spartakiad.

From 1980 to 1987, Elin was actively involved in SCB (Student’s Construction Brigades) Movement in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Zabaikalye Territory. He rose from private soldier to commander of united Inter-SCB. 

In 1981 – 1984, he was acknowledged the monitor of the best students’ group in the Bauman MSTU in terms of academic, scientific and social work.

In 1984-88, he carried out R&D as a research engineer, junior research assistant, research assistant, then graduate student at the Division of Biomedical Engineering Systems and Devices of the Bauman MSTU and in the number of   Medical Laboratories of Moscow universities and institutes. Vladimir Elin is the Ph.D. (1988) and the author of more than 20 research papers and inventions at the intersection of electronics and medical science as of the defense of his thesis. Thesis work: Development of Methods and Equipment to Secure Electromagnetic Field Effects on Electroexcitable Biostructures of Humans and Animals.

In 1988, after the Iron Curtain was lifted, the Central Committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League invited him to join the USSR delegation in its 2-week tour around America to share experience as part of the Program called ‘Future Leaders of the USA and the USSR’.

After he finished his academic career, in 1988, Vladimir Elin established a medical and engineering cooperative Biotex,  and became the Chairman and the General Manager of the cooperative that carried out thesis-based application research  with medical laboratories in the 1st and 2nd Medical Institutes of Moscow. In 1989-91, he was the Director of Research   and Technology Laboratory Infotech-Inter that performed development and sale of software; managed his business, pursued science.

Coke Gas Works (Vidnoye) was the key customer. In 1991, he took the Production Director office in the Russian-German JV CHANCE that imported PCs and consumer electronics. His functional duties comprised search of clients to sell equipment to in Moscow and Russia,  search of  foreign  suppliers  to  procure  equipment  from in Europe, USA and Japan. Key customers were the Ministry of Atomic Industry, the Ministry of  Agriculture,  and  the  Ministry  of  Communication  Lines.  From  1992  to 1995, he was the founder and General director of ELIS Company acting as its administrator, manager and merchandise expert alone. Main services rendered by the company were transportation,  shipping  and  trade  operations  for  Russian  regions  with  consumer goods – supplies of consumer electronics, clothes, and foodstuff. Key customers were trading depots located in Western Siberia. In 1992, in cooperation with his partners, Vladimir Elin established VVV Сompany that rendered warehousing, transportation, customs and procurement services to commercial enterprises of Siberia and the Far East. He was the company’s general director and administrator. The company’s key clients were worker’s supply associations in Siberia and the Far East.

 In  1995,  Elin  and  his  partners  established  a  managing  company  –  CJSC  EMSTS Corporation  (Integrated  International  System  of  Customs  Warehouses).  Company profile – investments in warehousing, transportation and customs logistics. The pilot project of EMSTS was First Terminal LLC (1995). Company profile – warehousing, transportation and customs services. Key clients: Philip Morris, BAT, Japan Tabaco, Nestle…   From the first day of creation of CJSC EMSTS Corporation, Vladimir Elin has been its President, and has been managing its development for 12 years already.

During that period, he and his partners launched such projects as First Terminal, West Terminal, Terminal  Nemchinovka,  Terminal  Solnechny, Terminal SLG  with total  area of over 160,000 sq. m., as well as Information-Consulting System   Virtual Customs –, network logistics project Great Silk Way – and other logistics projects.  

In 2007, Vladimir Elin and partners established a new logistics holding CJSC Smart Logistic Group – At present, Vladimir Elin is the Chairman of the  Board of  Directors of CJSC Smart Logistic Group. Key customers  are Svyaznoy, Rustelecom, Castorama, Kimberly Clark, Franke, Sara Lee, Paul Hartmann and others.

From 2005 to 2019, V. Elin  published in electronic mass media, specialized magazines and newspapers over 300 articles, interviews and analytical reviews in the sphere of warehousing, transportation and customs logistics. 

Since 2009, a full member of the Medical-Technical Academy of Sciences of Russia.

On March 29, 2011, he published another article titled This Radioactive World. In his article, Vladimir Elin for the first time ever formulated the idea concerning the need to integrate a dosimeter-radiometer into a mobile phone or a smartphone to make it handier and provide the device with unique features. On that day exactly, his DO-RA Project was born. DO-RA is the abbreviation of dozimeter-radiometer. 

Intellectual property: 70 patents including foreign jurisdictions – USA, Japan, China, South Korea, India, EU, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. 

In December  2011, the  Investment Committee of Skolkovo Foundation awarded a grant in amount of $1.35 million to DO-RA Project of OJSC Intersoft Eurasia.

As of  today,  $  2.0  million  have  been  invested  in  DO-RA  Project.  At  present,  the project  is  aimed  at  development  of  DO-RA  prototypes  for  the  vast  majority  of smartphones and mobile phones with the world’s leading operating systems, project web-site: .  This  idea  provided  the  basis  for  current  formation  of  the global market for multi-purpose mobile dosimeter-radiometers with potential of more then 10  billion  US  dollars.  DoRaSi  silicone  sensor  for  the  Project  that  is  now  being developed  and  patented  as  well  as  manufacture  of  DO-RA  devices  as  such  may secure a number of plants globally with work load for 10 years.

In the end of 2011, Vladimir Elin generated  the idea, and then filed a utility and design patent applications for personal  communicator – smartphone of the future.

Compared to smartphones of today, this model has several unique features that Elin vividly presented in his own article Smartphone – Generation NEXT. 

Pursuant to the ‘smartphone-of-the-future’ idea, an application was filed with the Agency of Strategic Initiatives. It was registered as a brand-new project under ID number 802. 

Over the past 5 years, Elin V. has written quite a lot of rhymed thoughts, of which more than 1200 verses are posted in the status of "Favorites" on the portal:

In 2016, Elin V. published two collections of poems “Rhymed Thoughts”: Part 1, 209 pages, Part 2, 216 pages, IPO “Nikitsky Gate”.

In mid-2019, a new volume of the author’s works is being prepared, titled “I Love Russia”, IPO “At the Nikitsky Gate”.

Member of the Union of Writers of Russia since 2016.


Poet of the year 2016, My Russia 2017, Legacy 2017, Poet of the Year 2017, Poet of the year 2018, Poet of the Year 2019, Anthology of Russian poetry 2018, Anthology of Russian poetry 2019,

He was awarded the medal "Alexander Pushkin 220 years" for his contribution to the development of Russian literature.

Marital status: married, has three sons. 

Индикатор ионизирующего излучения ДО-РА с функцией дозиметра-радиометра

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