Founder of the project

Vladimir Elin

Chairman of the Board of Joint-Stock Company "Smart Logistic Group", DO-RA Project Manager.

Mr. Elin graduated with honours from the Radio Electronic Systems and Devices Department in 1984.

In 1984 — 1988  Mr. Elin was engaged in R&D as a researching engineer, a junior researcher, a researcher and a postgraduate student on the basis of the Department of Biomedical Engineering Systems and Devises of Bauman MSTU

In 1989 — 1991  Mr. Elin worked as the Director of Infotek-Intern Research Laboratory and the Head of SHANS Russian-German Joint Venture.

In 1992 — 1995  Mr. Elin was the Managing Promoter of ELIS firm.

In 1992 jointly with his partners, Mr. Elin established VVV Company providing storage, transport and customs services to customers in Siberia and the Far East.

In 1995 jointly with his partners, Mr. Elin established Integrated International System of Customs Warehouses Corporation. OOO First Terminal became the first project of the Corporation in 1995. It was mostly engaged in providing storage, transport and customs services. Just from the first day of operation, Mr Elin served as the President of the Company managing its growth for 12 years. In this period a number of projects were initiated, including the First Terminal, the West Trminal, the Nemchinovka Terminal, the Solnechny Terminal, the Virtual Customs Office information and consulting system (, the Great Silk Way network logistics project ( and other logistics projects.

In 2007 Mr. Elin jointly with Mr. Afanasenko established Joint-Stock Company "Smart Logistic Group" (

In 2005 — 2010  Mt. Elin published over 150 articles, interviews and reviews on storage, transport and customs logistics in electronic mass-media, specialized magazines and newspapers.

On March 29, 2011, Mr. Elin published the article Our Radioactive World, in which he formulated for the first time the idea of integrating a dosimeter/radiometer to the mobile/smart phone starting DO-RA Project development.