Phones of the future will measure radiation

Moscow, November 1st,  2011 — first presentation of a unique dosimeter-radiometer that works based on a cellular phone/Smartphone.  The project has a residency at Skolkovo, in the cluster of nuclear technologies.  The market price for an exclusive right to this intangible asset Do-Ra is over  $200 million in accordance with the methodology evaluating intangible assets in the way of patents which was developed by Deloitte for Government corporation ROSNANO. 

Russian inventor Vladimir Elin developed a unique device that can measure radiation levels based on a semiconductor detector, which can initially be built into a phone circuit for the new models of cellular phones as well as be used as device that can be connected to a cell phone through a port.

Do-Ra control system is facilitated by special software programs developed exclusively for it and licensed operating system, which is used by a particular cell phone/Smartphone.  Nowadays, software programs have already been developed for iOS и Android operating platforms. By the end of the year, developing program applications for  MacOS, RIMBlackberry, Windows, Linux will be completed.

Do-Ra is powered from a regular cell phone or Smartphone battery.  The built in sensor works on inside circuits and connections of a particular cell phone/Smartphone in synergy with Do-Ra, which is controlled by specialized software.  

The mounted sensor works through a regular USB port, remote sensor communicates with the mobile phone/Smartphone and Do-Ra elements through data transmission systems such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or some other way.   By doing so, it creates an assembly mobile dosimeter-radiometer Do-Ra that is also controlled by the same specialized software program. 


Mobile dosimeter-radiometer Do-Ra main features:

  • Estimating accumulated irradiation dose on the cell phone/Smartphone owner in hourly, daily weekly, monthly, weekly or yearly time interval. 
  • Signaling about admissible, maximum safe or inadmissible level of irradiation with voice commands such as “normal irradiation dose”, “maximum safe irradiation dose”, “inadmissible irradiation dose”.
  • Creating graphs depicting state of organs and systems of the person that uses the cell phone/Smartphone equipped with Do-Ra depending on received and accumulated irradiation dose.   
  • Generating recommendations to the cell phone/Smartphone owner on preventative measures depending on received and accumulated irradiation dose.    
  • Automatic report generating on radiation at the cell phone/Smartphone owner’s location in real time with coordinates based on GLONASS or GPS through cellular service providers.
  • Automatic transmission of data on radiation at location of the person that uses the cell phone/Smartphone equipped with Do-Ra in accordance with his coordinates to the analytical center of world radiation monitoring for further data processing and analysis.
  • Returning accumulated information, that is gathered by the world center for radiation monitoring from cell phones/Smartphones as visual maps of locations, water bodies, etc. that depict level of radiation.

In the future, new generations of the sensor will be made based on Graphene nanostructure. The patent for the structure of this type has been obtained.  

As a result of implementation of this Do-Ra project, there will be a whole family of cell phones with a built in dosimeter-radiometer for all world leading operating platforms (iOS, MacOS, RIMBlackberry, Android, Windows, Linux, and others.)

“It is possible that the Do-Ra device will not be as widely used in our everyday lives for its unique capabilities.  However, there are cases when this device can save your life and prevent all kinds of negative consequences from irradiation on human organism” said the Head of the Do-Ra project Vladimir Elin.   


For further information you can contact Davydova Julia

Cell: +7 903 156 68 38



About the project

The original idea of creating the Do-Ra device was born on March 29th, 2011, after writing an article “Our radioactive world”.  Vladimir first studied a review on dosimeters and radiometers on the Internet.  After that, he bought a couple of domestic dosimeters and took them apart to study the insides.  Then, he conducted research patent research to clear the idea.  Here is when a possibility arose to identify the uniqueness of the useful model.  It appeared that there are no similar projects as hybrid between a cellular phone, Smartphone and dosimeters-radiometers in studied patents of many countries.  There were similar projects, but not in the form where it was possible to define a formula for a useful model of the Do-Ra device and later on, obtain a Russian patent for the dosimeter- radiometer device based on a cell phone/Smartphone.  This is exactly where uniqueness of Do-Ra lies.  There were no other similar devices for the period of the patent research and filing international application for the effective model.  That is why Vladimir Elin owns the priority right for uniqueness and reproductability for the effective model of the Do-Ra device.  The priority was granted on June 24th, 2011.  


Name Do-Ra was born from first two letters from the world: dozimetr-radiometr or DO-RA. Russian and English abbreviations coincide, which facilitates additional recognition for the device.