DO-RA applies for Guinness World Record

Moscow, April 1, 2012 Intersoft Eurasia, the company behind the DO-RA project, has filed an application to the Guinness Book of Records. The purpose of the application is to have the DO-RA recognized as the world's smallest all-purpose dosimeter.  

The unique device for measuring radiation, whose prototype Russian inventor Vladimir Elin, Ph.D., first presented to the public in November 2011, can either be integrated into the design of new mobile phones at a production stage or used as a detachable element for multiple electronic devices.

The DO-RA is run by specially developed for this purpose software packages – DO-RA.Soft – and a licensed operating system of each individual mobile phone / smartphone. The DO-RA is powered by a standard mobile phone / smartphone battery, while the control signal is transmitted via the phone audio jack.

The detachable DO-RA radiation sensor can also be connected via a standard USB port. The remote sensor communicates with a mobile phone / smartphone and the elements of the DO-RA via such data transmission technologies as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. to effectively merge together different parts of the dosimeter-radiometer. The device is operated by the same specialized software.

The inventor of the device, Vladimir Elin, is convinced the device deserves to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records:  "It's interesting that until recently the manufacturers of dosimeters paid little attention to the size of their products. This is evident from the results of a marketing research into foreign-made dosimeters, in particular products of Japanese company DOCOMO and American SCOCSHE. Most likely, this was due to the fact that such devices were largely produced for military purposes and there was no need to worry either about their design or size. There is a watch on the market from the Belarusian company Polimaster though. But due to a limited range of data it generates, its ability to compete with the DO-RA is severely limited."

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About the Project: 

The idea of creating the DO-RA was born on March 29, 2011 following completion of the article titled Our Radioactive World. Vladimir Elin started out by reading several dosimeter and radiometer reviews on the Internet, then he bought a couple of domestic dosimeters and disassembled them for the purpose of closely examining their contents, and finally he did a patent search to ensure he wasn't going to create a copycat device.  It's when doing this that he realized how original his plan was. His study of the international patent database revealed that no completive device capable of successfully combining the functions of a mobile phone with that of a dosimeter-radiometer existed at the time. To be more precise, similar devices did exist but they were very different from the concept which was ultimately used to build the DO-RA and which later helped obtain a Russian patent for a mobile phone- / smartphone-based dosimeter-radiometer.  The fact that there were no analogous devices at the time of the patent search and patent application processing only underscores the originality of the DO-RA. It's for this reason that today Vladimir Elin holds priority over other comparable devices and the right to produce the useful model of the DO-RA. The right of priority was issued on June 24, 2011; Russian patent number #109625. At present, patent applications for the DO-RA have also been filed in Japan, USA, China, the European Union and Ukraine.

The DO-RA name originates from the first two letter combinations of the words dosimeter-radiometer or DO-RA. The Russian and English spellings of the abbreviation are identical, which further improves the name recognition.