DO-RA.uni introduced at Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum

Moscow, June 26th, 2012 — within the frame of 16th Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, Skolkovo resident, Intersoft Evrasia presented a new generation portable dosimeter-radiometer within its own  Do-Ra product line along with DO-RA.Classic.

This type of device is also equipped with the classical radiation sensor based on GM-counter.   The new model was given DO-RA.uni name, where connection goes through audio jack as in the earlier developed prototype DO-RA.Classic with the GM-counter for Smartphone models such as iPhone-4 and iPhone-4s. DO-RA signifies functionality of the device (dosimeter-radiometer),    uni – a short name from “universal” from the gadget universal application.

New generation portable dosimeter-radiometer looks like a standard flash key in size and design, easy to carry in your pocket and easy to use.  New case design allows using Do-Ra practically with any Smartphone model.  Most of all, with key mobile software platforms, such as  iOS,  Android,  WP7,  JavaME, BlackBerry,  Symbian,  Bada  as well as operating systems such as Linux,  Windows,  MacOS,  for which we have already developed software DO-RA.Soft. 

The developers note advantages of the new device — DO-RA.uni:

  • New DO-RA.uni model allows to with all Apple devices of the «i» line:  iPhone-3, 3Gs, 4, 4s, iPad, iPad-2, iPad-3, iPod Touch by connection type.
  •  According to the latest field tests, new dosimeter-radiometer model consumes no more than 1% of the regular Smartphone battery capacity.  The test were conducted on  iPhone-4 and 4s.
  • In the new Do-Ra device version, the design is more ergonomic and easy to use.  Now Do-Ra can be placed in a standard cover for Smartphone at the belt while working in continuous measurement mode.
  • A special reverse mechanism of the retractable audio jack firmly attaches Do-Ra.uni to a Smartphone or another device.   

Do-Ra software has had a number of improvements in its software:

  • A high-precision diagram for constant ionizing radiation equivalent dose intake of the owner and the Do-Ra device as well as a constant ionizing radiation rate measurement diagram was added.  
  • A new photo registration Do-Ra function was added.  It allows taking pictures of a located site emitting ionizing radiation and sending them over e-mail. The photo also includes the radiation rate, its location coordinates and time when the photo was taken.     

Vladimir Elin, head of Do-Ra project and Intersoft Evrasia Chairman of the Board of Directors said: “April 16th, at the public presentation of our first Apple-compatible Do-Ra prototype, we demonstrated the ability to operate the device with the “cloud” service, which transmits, stores and displays the radiation rate measurement results at Google map in real time.   We believe that our device will become truly beneficial and thanks to the crowd sourcing will be beneficial for the society and the state”.

For further information please contact Davydova Julia  Cell +7 903 156 68 38

About the project:

The original idea of creating the «DO-RA» device was born on March 29th, 2011, after writing an article “Our radioactive world”. Vladimir first studied a review on dosimeters and radiometers on the Internet. After that, he bought a couple of domestic dosimeters and took them apart to study the insides. Then, he conducted research patent research to clear the idea. Here is when a possibility arose to identify the uniqueness of the useful model. It appeared that there are no similar projects as hybrid between a cellular phone, Smartphone and dosimeters-radiometers in studied patents of many countries. There were similar projects, but not in the form where it was possible to define a formula for a useful model of the «DO-RA» device and later on, obtain a Russian patent for the dosimeter- radiometer device based on a cell phone/Smartphone. This is exactly where uniqueness of «DO-RA» lies. There were no other similar devices for the period of the patent research and filing international application for the effective model.  As of today, Vladimir Elin owns a Patent in Russian Federation 109625 and a priority right to the uniqueness and reproductability for the effective model of the «DO-RA» device. The priority was granted on June 24th, 2011. Patent applications have been submitted in USA, Japan, China, European Union and Ukraine. 

Name Do-Ra was born from first two letters from the word: dosimeter-radiometer or «DO-RA». Russian and English abbreviations coincide, which facilitates additional recognition for the device.