Samsung and "Intersoft Eurasia" presented the device on Tizen OS for personal radiation monitoring

In the framework of the World Nuclear Exhibition 2016 (WNE 2016), which takes place in Paris, Le-Bourget from 28 to 30 June 2016, Samsung Electronics and PJSC "Intersoft Eurasia" (Skolkovo Technopark Resident) presented DO-RA.Core which is a core of the personal readiation monitoring device created on the basis of its own technologies. This innovative invention synchronizes with a smartphone, determines background radiation level in the environment and displays the data right on the phone screen through the mobile app. The novelty combines a secure Tizen mobile platform with the use of personal radiation monitoring technology.

is a reasonably priced and compact dosimeter-radiometer, equipped with DoRaSi is - a solid state silicon detector with a smart electronics reading based on energy-efficient components. In the basic configuration, the device measures the dose rate of ionizing radiation, providing a broadband data transmission via Bluetooth Low Energy profile (BLE). The first version of the DO-RA device allows you to exchange information with smartphones running on Tizen OS through the sound channel with an integrity  and validity data verification. In the future it is planned to increase the measurement capabilities of the basic version of the device (with DO-RA.Core inside)  due to the connections of specialized sensors and expanding the communication channel to the Bluetooth 2.0 with hybrid BLE.

DO-RA.badge model which was presented at the exhibition, is based on the Tizen platform – mobile operation system by Samsung, that is certified for public authorities and governmental organizations of the Russian Federation, with Z3 smartphones. This mobile platform allows using a high-tech communication between DO-RA device and smartphone for a wide range of monitoring and analytical tasks.

"Recently, we introduced a corporate version of Samsung Z3 smartphone running on Tizen OS, which has become an important step for the dissemination of this platform in Russia for us. Today we are happy to enter a new stage of work and demonstrate the DO-RA technology, like another innovative development created in cooperation with Intersoft Eurasia company. I am sure that the new device will be widely used in our country and will provide additional benefits to the Russian users ", - said Alexander Terekhov, B2B Mobile Solutions Department Director at Samsung Electronics.

World Nuclear Exhibition
held since 2014 and is one of the most significant events in the field of nuclear research and innovation, used for peaceful purposes. The main theme of WNE 2016 –is  the role of the nuclear industry in the global energy sector. It is expected that this year the event, which presents about 700 innovations, will visit more than 10 000 people from 71 countries around the world. The exhibition was organized by the French Association of Nuclear exporters (AIFEN - the French Nuclear Industry Exporters Association).

"DO-RA Project by Intersoft Eurasia - is a vivid illustration of Skolkovo Foundation opportunities to support the commercialization of new developments in radiation technology at  B2C consumer segment," - said Igor Karavaev, Vice-President, Executive Director of the Nuclear Technologies Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation.



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About the DO-RA Project

The priority of the DO-RA Project  idea is dated June 24, 2011 and protected by the Russian patent №109625. There are also patents in foreign jurisdictions: the United States, Japan, China, Korea, India, the EU, Russia, Ukraine.

In 2013, the Dow Jones estimated the capitalization of Intersoft Eurasia company, DO-RA Project operator, at $ 10 million since then, through innovation activity, the Project has been received more than 56 patents in various areas of IT-industry.

The name DO-RA was born by the first two letter combinations of  the words: dozimeter-radiometer or DO-RA. In Russian and English writing abbreviations are the same, which gives an additional name recognition for the device.


About TIZEN mobile platform

Tizen (pronounced "Theisen") – is an open-source operating system based on Linux Core, intended for a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, in-vehicle information systems, smart TVs, and digital cameras, developed and operated by Samsung Corporation consisting in Technical Steering Group.

Tizen platform has unique characteristics, which allow it to become, in fact, the number one platform for building a wide range of solutions in the framework of the "Internet of Things" concept, including the needs of government and corporate enterprises.

One of the key features that differentiate Tizen from other operating platforms that are currently available on the market - is the maximum openness of the source code. This factor provides the wide opportunities for both users and developers, allowing for the need to increase its capacity for specific tasks of the organization.


About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. implements innovative ideas and innovative technologies, opening up new opportunities for people around the world with the help of constant innovation and new achievements.

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Индикатор ионизирующего излучения ДО-РА с функцией дозиметра-радиометра

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