March 6-10 2016, Phoenix (Arizona, USA) hosted the annual Waste Management Symposium - 2016 which is a congress dedicated to the management of radioactive waste. During the exhibition, the company Intersoft Eurasia from Moscow (Skolkovo Foundation resident, Nuclear Technologies Cluster) and the company "EKSORB" from Ekaterinburg signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Within the framework of MoU, companies planned an access to the key markets of the USA, Japan and the European Union to implement isotopic analysis of radon and caesium in water by using the combined technologies, protected in Russia, USA, Japan and other countries.

Intersoft Eurasia will take over the production of sensors, reading electronics and software for ionizing radiation control with the help of smartphones and computers. This technology can simply cheaply and reliably identify the presence of Gamma isotopes, which are formed by the reactions after contact with specially fabricated sorbents in the form factor of a plastic cover for liquids’ containers, used as a cartridge for express tests for detecting cesium and Radon in the water.

It is assumed that the test kit will be sold through online stores as EBay, Amazon, AliExpress and others, as well as through a distribution network in the US, Japan and the European Union.

An analysis, conducted by marketing specialists in the United States, has shown that only in the US, households that obtain water from private wells need more than 10 million water tests annually, and there is more than 20 million individuals who also need this technology every year. One disposable test for US citizens costs around $ 50 and is usually carried out within 2-3 weeks. By bringing this technology from Intersoft Eurasia Company and "EKSORB" to the market, it is possible to pay off at the first trial, as a test set will cost no more than $ 50, and it could be used several times, users could only replace the cartridge with a special sorbent just for  $ 10 - 15 apiece.

The Vice-President of "Skolkovo" Foundation and Executive Director of Nuclear Technologies Cluster, Igor Karavaev stated: " Skolkovo residents’ developments and innovations are relevant everywhere. Even on such a complex and highly competitive markets, as the US market there are consumers for the products developed in Skolkovo. Our task is to accelerate the process of market penetration for Skolkovo residents’ products, as well as to help companies navigate in foreign economies and find a target market".


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About Intersoft Eurasia and DO-RA Project:

PJSC "Intersoft Eurasia" was established in March 2010 to develop innovative products for smartphones and, in particular, a portable dosimeter-radiometer DO-RA. In October 2011, the company became a resident of Skolkovo Foundation (Nuclear Technologies Cluster), and in December, same year, DO-RA Project has received its first mini Foundation grant of       $45000. And in early 2013, the company received its second grand from Skolkovo of $1 million. In 2013, the Dow Jones rating estimated the capital of Intersoft Eurasia at $ 10 million. And included it to the recommended companies list for the US venture investors.

The idea of the DO-RA device creation has been emerged on 29 March 2011, after writing an article "Our Radioactive World" by Vladimir Elin, dedicated to the nuclear accident at Fukushima, Japan. It has been turned out that there was no analogue of the mobile phone, smartphone and dosimeter-radiometer hybrid in the form in which it was possible to create the summary of invention  for the DO-RA utility model and later get a number of Russian and foreign patents for the devices working on the basis of mobile phone / smartphone. Actually, the originality of the DO-RA device is that there are no analogues of the device which has obtained the first Russian patent for the utility model. Today, Vladimir Elin has patents and priorities for the originality and reproducibility of the DO-RA device in Russia, the USA, Japan, South Korea, India, the European Union and other jurisdictions. Priority is dated on June 24, 2011.

The name DO-RA was born on the first two letter combinations of the words: dozimeter-radiometer or DO-RA. The Russian and English versions of the abbreviations are consonant; it gives an additional recognition for the name of the device.

DO-RA Project website: www.do-ra.ru , www.intersofteurasia.ru


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About "EKSORB" company:

The company NPP "EKSORB", LLC was founded in 1993 in Ekaterinburg. "EKSORB" is a manufacturer of highly selective sorbents for extraction of radionuclides from the water, humans’ and animals’ organisms. "EKSORB" produces chemical raw materials for the production of a pharmaceutical medication for people, called "Ferrocene", veterinary medicines "Ferrocene," Bifezh ", is a member of the federal program to overcome the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. "EKSORB" products are used at Fukushima and by Russian and foreign engineering companies. In 2014, "EKSORB" developed and patented the COREBRICK technology that allows quickly and efficiently process large volumes of radioactive waste.



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