After the New Year holidays 2016 "Intersoft Eurasia" Company, Skolkovo Technopark resident, a developer of innovative products for smartphones and computers, DO-RA project operator, has received 5 patents at once. This fact became a pleasant New Year’s gift for the company that has just returned from one of the largest and most important exhibitions of electronics - CES-2016, which was held recently in Las Vegas, USA. Moreover, four of the five patents have been issued by the Russian Federation and one by Republic of Belarus. As a result, today, the Company is the owner of 55 objects of intellectual property in the Russian jurisdiction and abroad: Japan, USA, China, South Korea, India, the European Union and Ukraine.

And now, let us provide you a short overview of the 5 received patents.

First of all, it is Russian patent №156907 – Augmented reality glasses for the continuous radiation monitoring, this technology can be used for a variety of innovative helmets used in the high radiation risk areas. In particular, DAQRI Company, created by the former captain of the nuclear submarine, has demonstrated its "smart helmet" at a plenary speech of Chief Executive Officer of Intel - Brian Matthew Krzanich during the CES-2016. According to smart helmet’s developers’ view, this device is designed for the industrial engineers, working on installation and servicing of complex chemical and other industrial objects. The helmet has a built-in computer and a set of sensors that allow suggesting procedures for the employee and warning him of the danger in case of, for example, the probable pipes breakthrough, the excess of pressure limits, temperature, or, for instance, radiation. The developments made by Intersoft Eurasia can be used for the DO-RA modules integration to industrial safety helmets, reflecting the ecological monitoring data on a transparent screen-visor.

Patent №156906 - Modular dosimeter-radiometer with the lower level protocols, which is actually an embedded element in any electronic device from a smartphone, computer, refrigerator, air conditioning to a vacuum cleaner for the monitoring of the excess ionizing radiation level, in order to prevent risks for the human health. This module is already used in the project ARA by Google and in the DVR car recorders in South Korea.

Patent №156901 - Miniature dosimeter-radiometer-spectrometer with digital noise suppresion and vibrations recording, it is actually a microchip built into the wide range of electronics, and in particular, in the cars and other moving objects. Thus in addition to the background radiation level measurement, is possible to identify the type of radionuclides in the environment, thereby suggesting behavioral strategy in dangerous contaminated areas in the event of accidents involving fissile materials and other emergencies.

"Indeed, today “Intersoft Eurasia” Company is the leader in patent protection of their developments, not only in the ranks of our Nuclear Technologies Cluster, but throughout the whole Skolkovo Technopark. Moreover, the numbers of its developments are now at the stage of the industrial production in Russia and abroad ", - has been noticed by Igor Karavaev, the Head of the Skolkovo Nuclear Technologies Cluster.

"Intersoft Eurasia" Company was created in March 2011 for the development of innovative products for smartphones and computers, and has received two grants from the Skolkovo Foundation in excess of $ 1 million.

Since the launch of the project, the Company has developed the line of the devices for a variety of smartphones and computers, server part and engineering documentation for industrial production of the DO-RA devices based on the Geiger-Muller (GM) counter in the European IPC standard. In addition, we have developed a family of mobile applications DO-RA.Soft-GM with a user interface in 23 languages ​​for the following mobile platforms: iOS, Android, WP, JavaME, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada, as well as for OS: Windows / Linux / MacOS. All DO-RA.Soft applications are available for free download in the respective online stores.


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Foundation of the New Technologies Development and Commercialization Centre "Skolkovo" is a non – profit organization established at the initiative of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in September 2010. The aim of the Foundation is to mobilize resources of Russia in the field of modern applied investigations, the creation of an enabling environment for the implementation of scientific researches in five priority areas of technological development: energy and energy efficiency, space, biomedicine, nuclear and computer technologies. The project involves the creation of the Skolkovo Institute of science and technology (Skolkovotech), research institutes, business incubator, technology transfer and commercialization, representative offices of foreign companies and R&D centres, residential areas and social infrastructure, as well as the subsequent distribution of an effective regime to other innovative regions of Russia. The activities of the innovation center "Skolkovo" governed by a special law, which provides its residents with special economic conditions.

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About the Project:

The idea of ​​the DO-RA device creation has been emerged on 29 March 2011, after writing an article "Our Radioactive World" by Vladimir Elin, dedicated to the nuclear accident at Fukushima, Japan. It has been turned out that there was no analogue of the mobile phone, smartphone and dosimeter-radiometer hybrid in the form in which it was possible to create the summary of invention  for the DO-RA utility model and later get a number of Russian and foreign patents for the devices working on the basis of mobile phone / smartphone. Actually, the originality of the DO-RA device is that there are no analogues of the device which has obtained the first Russian patent for the utility model. Today, Vladimir Elin has patents and priorities for the originality and reproducibility of the DO-RA device in Russia, the USA, Japan, South Korea, India, the European Union and other jurisdictions. Priority is dated on June 24, 2011.

The name DO-RA was born on the first two letter combinations of the words: dozimeter-radiometer or DO-RA. The Russian and English versions of the abbreviations are consonant; it gives an additional recognition for the name of the device.

DO-RA Project website: www.do-ra.ru , www.intersofteurasia.ru  



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