Hypercube, Technopark "Skolkovo" November 25, 2015 - the ceremony of awarding the winners of AliExpress Challenge, the joint competition of the "Skolkovo" Foundation and the Company Alibaba Group (RUS) took place.  In the final of the competition, 3 main nominations have been presented: "Off-the-shelf product for the global market", "Off-the-shelf product for the Russian market" and "Project at the stage of idea / prototype".

DO-RA innovative project by the Company PJSC "Intersoft Eurasia" was awarded first place in the most prestigious nomination "Off-the-shelf product for the global market".

It needs to be reminded that the idea of ​​the competition arose during the Skolkovo Startup Village conference in the summer of 2015, when "Skolkovo" Foundation and the company Alibaba Group (Russia) have signed a memorandum of cooperation, that includes organization of competition for the foreign market advancement of the "Skolkovo" start-ups’ production. The main objective of the competition is encouraging research and development of new technologies on the most relevant spheres in the market among small and medium-sized Russian innovative companies and research organizations.

In fact, this contest combines "Skolkovo" unique scientific expertise and the global commercial experience of the AliExpress online platform, thereby allowing Russian start-ups to find partners for mass production in China, as well as to receive a unique opportunity to promote their product on one of the most promising and capacious markets world.

PJSC "Intersoft Eurasia" has applied to participate in the AliExpress Challenge in June 2015 and was looking forward to the results of the contest. Projects participants were judged on five criteria: Scientific and technological innovation, Competitive advantages of the solution before analogues, Commercialization prospects of the project in Russia and abroad, The probability of achieving the stated parameters of the project, Project team. As a result of hard work and careful selection by the expert committee within 4 months, 7 projects have been selected from the hundreds of participating teams for the final of the competition, and the DO-RA project was among them.

Now, as a winner, "Intersoft Eurasia" Company has the right to pretend to free promotion at the AliExpress online catalogue, including the placement on the home page of the global website, to gain mentoring support from the AliExpress, and to get acceleration and technologically-expert assistance from the "Skolkovo" Foundation.

All this will allow the DO-RA Project to enter the global arena of electronic devices and get a unique logistical support from AliExpress, due to which, the security and the global environmental radiation monitoring network become available around the world.

Already in the 1st quarter of 2016 it is planned to launch industrial production (located in China) of multi-platform, multi-lingual, compact and stylish model DO-RA.Q, running through the audio jack of the smartphone / tablet / computer. Even today everyone could place an order for DO-RA.Q purchase  through the DO-RA application (Settings section), which is free to download and available at  the App Store, Google Play, WP Market and other popular online stores, and through the official website of the DO-RA project (pre-order section):


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Foundation of the New Technologies Development and Commercialization Centre "Skolkovo" is a non – profit organization established at the initiative of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in September 2010. The aim of the Foundation is to mobilize resources of Russia in the field of modern applied investigations, the creation of an enabling environment for the implementation of scientific researches in five priority areas of technological development: energy and energy efficiency, space, biomedicine, nuclear and computer technologies. The project involves the creation of the Skolkovo Institute of science and technology (Skolkovotech), research institutes, business incubator, technology transfer and commercialization, representative offices of foreign companies and R&D centres, residential areas and social infrastructure, as well as the subsequent distribution of an effective regime to other innovative regions of Russia. The activities of the innovation center "Skolkovo" governed by a special law, which provides its residents with special economic conditions.

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AliExpress – is a Global System for e-retailers, focused on consumers from all over the world. This is one of the largest Online-shops; where you can order products from China at wholesale prices. Service has been launched in 2010, and now it is the leading global e-commerce market, that offers a wide range of consumer goods at attractive prices. About 7.7 million of users in more than 200 countries and regions are registered on AliExpress at the moment. The key feature and important advantage of AliExpress service is that it works with retail buyers and the prices of goods are the lowest. The replenishment of assortment occurs as quickly as possible, so that all the new items are on sale in a day or two after the factory release and delivery will take no more than two weeks. AliExpress contains about 9.5 million products from more than 4,000 different categories.

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About the Project:

The idea of ​​the DO-RA device creation has been emerged on 29 March 2011, after writing an article "Our Radioactive World" by Vladimir Elin, dedicated to the nuclear accident at Fukushima, Japan. It has been turned out that there was no analogue of the mobile phone, smartphone and dosimeter-radiometer hybrid in the form in which it was possible to create the summary of invention  for the DO-RA utility model and later get a number of Russian and foreign patents for the devices working on the basis of mobile phone / smartphone. Actually, the originality of the DO-RA device is that there are no analogues of the device which has obtained the first Russian patent for the utility model. Today, Vladimir Elin has patents and priorities for the originality and reproducibility of the DO-RA device in Russia, the USA, Japan, South Korea, India, the European Union and other jurisdictions. Priority is dated on June 24, 2011.

The name DO-RA was born on the first two letter combinations of the words: dozimeter-radiometer or DO-RA. The Russian and English versions of the abbreviations are consonant; it gives an additional recognition for the name of the device.

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