Intersoft Eurasia preparing for SLUSH-2015 participation

In spite of the careful selection and large entry for participation in the international startup-forum SLUSH-2015 that takes place in Helsinki (Finland) from 11 to 12 November 2015, the PJSC “Intersoft Eurasia” has been successfully selected for visiting this global event on the part of Russian Federation.

SLUSH - is an annual non-profit event dedicated to technologies and start-ups, which is a key place of "live" meetings for  young companies from the Northern Europe, Russia and other countries, customers, partners and investors from all over the world for further mutually beneficial cooperation and maintaining business relationships. According to preliminary estimation, more than 15,000 international innovative companies and 3,000 investors are expected to visit SLUSH-2015.

The reward for the premier place at the pitch-competition is 500.000 Euro; there are also prizes for the second and third places, which are still kept in secret by event planners. 

Our team of designers, developers and financiers in cooperation with Skolkovo Technopark specialists, have finished enormous time-consuming work on preparing the media and business - materials, as a result, we are pleased to present “fresh” materials in the form of One Pager, which most succinctly demonstrates the aim and principles of operation of the DO-RA line devices, and also shows financial and business prospects of “Intersoft Eurasia” on the global market level.

In addition, we have updated our presentations on DO-RA Project and its development in the international arena, as in the video version, which is a preview of our performance on the pitch session at SLUSH, and in a graphic form (PDF).

Here, on the DO-RA website, you can find our latest materials mentioned above. 


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About the project:

The idea of DO-RA creation was born on March 29, 2011, after writing the article on "Our Radioactive World", which is dedicated to the accident at Fukushima in Japan. It was turned out in that period, that hybrid between a mobile phone, smartphone and dosimeter-radiometer has no analogues in the form in which it was managed to create the summary of invention for the utility model of the DO-RA device and get, soon after, a Russian patent for the device based on mobile phone/smartphone.  In fact, the uniqueness of the DO-RA device is that

it has no analogues in the form in which it was first obtained Russian patent for the utility model. Today Vladimir Elin has priority on the novelty and reproducibility of the utility model of the DO-RA device. Priority dated 24 June 2011 and is protected by Russian patent No. 109625.

The name DO-RA was born as a combination of the first two letters of the words: dosimeter-radiometer or DO-RA. Abbreviations are the same both in Russian and English spelling that gives the additional recognition of the device’s name.

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