Intersoft Eurasia creates a radiation indicator for Nexpaq

A team of engineers and programmers of the company JSC "Intersoft Eurasia"”, SKOLKOVO resident, innovative products for smartphones developer, the DO-RA project operator, has started designing a new compact module DO-RA.Nex for Nexpaq, rapidly growing Hong Kong company in the modular segment of accessories for the modern smartphones.

The company Nexpaq created a special platform for smartphones that works with standard interfaces and can unite quickly replaceable electronic modules for various purposes, placed in a special ergonomic enclosure, designed under the flagship smartphones from the leading manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, etc., thereby achieving enhanced effect from using smartphones, giving them additional features and functions: mobile weather stations, indicator of ionizing radiation, and other devices necessary for modern people in their daily life.

The main idea of Nexpaq project – is to utilize the existing infrastructure of smartphones and their options without significant costs with the purchase of separate devices, adding new modules for various purposes to their capabilities. In fact, DO-RA developers were faced with the same task in the class of measuring equipment for indication and identification of ionizing radiation launch at the moment of starting their project – compact dosimeter-radiometer for smartphones.

 Nexpaq has recognized international developer in the "Intersoft Eurasia" Company, who is able to create unique compact modules for smartphones, handed over the documentation and developer KIT for adapting previously designed modules of DO-RA.Module for other overseas projects, in particular for Project ARA/Google in the USA, Oracom for the DVR in South Korea, Sumitomo Corp. in Japan.

The first prototypes of the module devices created by Intersoft Eurasia for Nexpaq project are planned to be produced by November 2015, and by the end of the current year to release the first test batch on the territory of Russia. The dimensions of the designed DO-RA.Nex modules do not exceed 25 x 25 x 5 millimeters.

Igor Karavaev, Vice President, Executive Director of SKOLKOVO Foundation Nuclear Technologies Cluster: “Today, DO-RA project has got on his feet and preparing to conquer the world markets, looking for new partners, coping with a perspective direction of the development for their own products and technologies”.

JSC "Intersoft Eurasia" has been created in March 2011 to develop innovative products for smartphones and in particular, portable DO-RA devices. In October of the same year the company   became a resident of SKOLKOVO Foundation Nuclear Technologies Cluster, and in December of the same year, the DO-RA project received their first mini grant from the SKOLKOVO Foundation in the amount of $45,000.

And in 2013, the company received its second Grand of $1 million from the SKOLKOVO Foundation.

Since the DO-RA project launch, a range of devices for different versions of smartphones, server part and design documentation for industrial production of DO-RA devices on the basis of Geiger-Mueller (GM) in the European standard IPC has been developed. In addition, we developed a family of mobile apps DO-RA.Soft-GM with the user interface in 23 languages for mobile platforms: iOS, Android, WP7, JavaME, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada and OS: Windows/Linux/MacOS. All DO-RA.Soft applications are available for free download in their respective online stores.

Currently, JSC Intersoft Eurasia is the owner of 52 patents and certificates for various innovative products for smartphones and computers in Russia, USA, Japan, China, South Korea, India, the EU and other countries.

At the moment, the company entered into a stage of active development of the project in Russia, the USA and South Korea, as well as searching for partners and investors for the organization of DO-RA products line production and international distribution of its devices.

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The company Nexpaq, founded by citizens of Germany, is based in Hong Kong with offices in China and the USA. Its main experience lies in the creation of mobile accessories for smartphones. The first Nexpaq product is a smart cover, casing - SmartCase, which enables smartphone users to quickly add more functions to their device and control them via a custom application, thereby to extend the smartphones functionality. In April 2015, the company Nexpaq on the Kickstarter platform, has collected more than 270 000 USD. Currently, Nexpaq team has developed 12 modules with various useful functions which are already available. Platform Nexpaq is open to all third-party developers who can create additional modules for Nexpaq.

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About the project:

The idea of DO-RA creation was born on March 29, 2011, after writing the article on "Our Radioactive World", which is dedicated to the accident at Fukushima in Japan. It was turned out in that period, that hybrid between a mobile phone, smartphone and dosimeter-radiometer has no analogues in the form in which it was managed to create the summary of invention for the utility model of the DO-RA device and get, soon after, a Russian patent for the device based on mobile phone/smartphone.  In fact, the uniqueness of the DO-RA device is that it has no analogues in the form in which it was first obtained Russian patent for the utility model. Today Vladimir Elin has priority on the novelty and reproducibility of the utility model of the DO-RA device. Priority dated 24 June 2011 and is protected by Russian patent No. 109625.

The name DO-RA was born as a combination of the first two letters of the words: dosimeter-radiometer or DO-RA. Abbreviations are the same both in Russian and English spelling that gives the additional recognition of the device’s name.

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