Intersoft Eurasia will create a chip for a unique dosimeter

The representatives of the company JSC “Intersoft Eurasia”, Skolkovo
resident, a developer of innovative products for smartphones, the DO-RA project operator (portable indicator of ionizing radiation with the function of the dosimeter-radiometer), made a business visit to the EU for the development of their project in terms of its further miniaturization and standardization. 

Over the period of 18th  to 19th of  May 2015, there were held negotiations with American company On Semiconductor  and Prague technical University laboratory specialists in Prague, where the issues of designing, prototyping and engineering implementation of electronics reading based on ASIC (SIMS/ASIC) for miniature dosimeter-radiometer DO-RA were discussed and a number of documents were signed. Thus, there was a strong accent of developing device on its integration into the existing infrastructure of the modern smartphones and mobile phones, produced, first of all, at the South East Asia region.

The possibilities of organizing production of two modules’ types: in the form of a separate device with BLE interface and embedded device with i2C interface for installation in mobile devices and various household appliances, automotive electronics were discussed.

The modular prototypes of the devices are planned to be manufactured and tested to the end of this year with the prospect of industrial production and further increase of the integration scale. The first modules’ capacity will not exceed 20 x 20 x 2 cubic millimeters, and in the future it is planned to significantly miniaturize it.

The future direction of product development, such as the use of multi-sensors and readout electronics to increase the sensitivity without increasing the module’s sizes, and the ability of spectral measurements to determine the type of radionuclide contamination were defined.

The parties have discussed the possibility of expanding the ranges of measured dose rates and radiation types. With a slight complication of the device, this will help to significantly expand the scope of designed device: radiation medicine, APP workers, Ministry of Emergency Measures, within the area of risk and also the detection of radon and others.

Currently the project team is completing production on a limited batch of cross-platform devices of the model: DO-RA.Ultra-1 (photo 1, 2) for domestic purposes with the function of the dosimeter-radiometer on the solid-state silicon detector (Si), working on wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) e-protocol and the audio protocol, with all mobile devices.

"We see the high interest of major foreign players to our residents and their unique innovations. We are also ready for active support of those projects that have gone through the incubation phase of startups, in particular, as the DO-RA project, and showed the initiative to enter foreign markets" - said Igor Karavaev, Vice President, and Executive Director of Nuclear Technology Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation.

The company JSC "Intersoft Eurasia" has been created in March 2011 for the innovative products for smartphones development, and, in particular, the development of portable device DO-RA. In October of the same year the company became a resident of Skolkovo Foundation Nuclear Technology Cluster, and in December of the same year, the DO-RA project has received its first mini grant from Foundation in the amount of $45,000. And in 2013, the company has received its second Grand prize of $1 million from the Skolkovo Foundation.

Since the launch of the DO-RA project, the range of devices for different versions of smartphones, the server part and construction documentation for industrial production of the DO-RA devices on the basis of Geiger-Mueller (GM) at the European standard IPC, have been worked up. In addition, we have developed a family of mobile apps DO-RA.Soft-GM with the user interface in 23 languages for mobile platforms: iOS, Android, WP7, JavaME, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada and also for OS: Windows/Linux/MacOS. All applications DO-RA.Soft are available for free download at the respective online stores.

The company JSC "Intersoft Eurasia" is the owner of 52 patents and certificates in Russia, USA, Japan, China, South Korea, India, the EU and other countries by the current moment.

At present, the company has entered into a stage of active project development in Russia, the USA and South Korea, as well as searching for partners and investors for the organization of  DO-RA devices line production and the international distribution of its devices.

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The idea of DO-RA creation was born on March 29, 2011, after writing the article on "Our Radioactive World", which is dedicated to the accident at Fukushima in Japan. It was turned out in that period, that hybrid between a mobile phone, smartphone and dosimeter-radiometer has no analogues in the form in which it was managed to create the summary of invention for the utility model of the DO-RA device and get, soon after, a Russian patent for the device based on mobile phone/smartphone.  In fact, the uniqueness of the DO-RA device is that it has no analogues in the form in which it was first obtained Russian patent for the utility model. Today Vladimir Elin has priority on the novelty and reproducibility of the utility model of the DO-RA device. Priority dated 24 June 2011 and is protected by Russian patent No. 109625.

The name DO-RA was born as a combination of the first two letters of the words: dosimeter-radiometer or DO-RA. Abbreviations are the same both in Russian and English spelling, that gives the additional recognition of the device’s name.

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