Vladimir Elin

DO-RA Project Manager and Investor Mr. Elin is the author and the developer of the DO-RA device. He graduated from the Bauman MSTU.Now Mr. Elin is the Chairman of the Board of Joint-Stock Company "Smart Logistic Group" ( PhD. For details refer to Project Founder section.


Alexei Kibkalo

DO-RA Project Software Development Manager Mr. Kibkalo holds the degrees of the Candidate of Physics and Mathematics and the Doctor of Economics.

In 1977 Mr. Kibkalo graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Department of the Moscow State University and began to work as a software engineer in the Sarov Federal Nuclear Centre.

In 1984 he was awarded with the Lenin Komsomol Grant.

In 2003 Mr. Kibkalo worked as the Director of the Intel Research and Development Centre in Sarov.

In 2007 Mr. Kibkalo worked as the Director of the Software Development Centre of the Sistema-Sarov Innovation Technology Centre (AFK Sistema).


Aleksandr Kairis

DO-RA Project Partner in Japan and the Republic of Korea

Mr. Kairis graduated from the Byelorussian Informatics and Radio Electronic State Institute in 1972

In 1970 — 1973 he worked at Nicolay Alexandrov Byelorussian Oncology and Radiology Research Institute.

In 1976 — 1978 Mr. Kairis worked in the Biophysics Laboratory of the Reflex Therapy Institute.

In 1978 — 1980 he worked as a researcher at Biophysics and Biochemistry Department of the Tokyo University.

In 1980 — 1986 Mr. Kairis worked as a professor of the Tokyo University.

In 1980 — 1987 he worked as a professor of the Nagoya University and the Tokyo Economics University.

In 1987 — 1998 Mr Kairis was the Director of WACO Corporation.

From 1998 he works as the President of the International Research Fund.

Sergej Schukin

Mr. Schukin holds degrees of the Doctor of Engineering and the Professor. He heads the Sub-Department of Medical Engineering Information Technologies, the Biomedical Engineering Department and the research institute of the same name of the Bauman MSTU.

In 1979 he graduated from the Moscow Physics and Engineering Institute as an expert in physics of living systems. Mr. Schukin worked in the Transplantology and Artificial Organ Research Institute of the Healthcare Ministry of the USSR while being a student and after graduation.

From 1980 he worked as an engineer, a post graduate student, a junior researcher, an assistant and an associate professor of the Sub-Department of Biomedical Engineering Systems and Devices of the Bauman MSTU.

In 1997 Mr. Schukin got the job of a professor of the Bauman MSTU.

In 1998 he headed the Sub-Department of Medical Engineering Information Technologies and the Biomedical Engineering Department of the Bauman MSTU.

From 2003 Mr. Schukin heads the Biomedical Engineering Research Institute of the Bauman MSTU.

Mr. Schukin is well-known in Russia and abroad as an expert in biomedical information systems. He is the author of over 170 papers, the editor of three volumes of Biomedical Engineering in Technical University series, 14 certificates of authorship and patents. He also has got successful experience of implementing research results in industrial and medical business.

Mr. Schukin is a member of the editorial board of Biomedical Radioelectronics, Living system Technologies, Medical Equipment magazines, the Chairman of the Doctor Thesis Board of the Bauman MSTU, a member of board of the All-Russian Medical Engineering Research Institute, a member of the organizational committee of Russian-Bavarian and Russian biomedical engineering annual conferences and a member of working group forming the technology platform of the Medicine of the Future.


Davidova Yulia 

Press Secretary

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