It can be hooked up to an iPhone via 
a headset connector...

The DO-RA's miniature size causes no inconvenience to the use by
its owner of a mobile phone. 
The inbuilt Bluetooth capability
means that the data gathered by the dosimeter-radiometer
can be transmitted to any electronic device located
within a radius of up to 10 meters.
The DO-RA uses the
navigation applications installed in a smartphone to display
on its screen 
terrestrial and aquatic habitats with increased
radiation levels.

Connects via a standart USB-connector to the iPhone

Connecting a DO-RA to an IPhone-3, 3s, 4 or 4s via
its USB-port on the basis of appropriate Apple's licenses allows users
to optimize the speed rate of the radiation situation data
transferred by the device to a smartphone, as well as to partially use
the smartphone battery.